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No Acetylation cAMP/cGMP EIA Kits


No Acetylation cAMP/cGMP EIA Kits

Why acetylation is a big deal in cAMP and cGMP assay kits?
A critical step for cAMP and cGMP assay kits currently on the market is to incubate the sample with acetic anhydride to the amine on adenosine of cAMP or guanosine of cGMP to form acetylated cAMP or GMP derivatives. The antibodies in the cAMP and cGMP assay kits then bind to the acetylated cAMP or GMP intermediates to enhance the sensitivity. As we already know, acetic anhydride is a very toxic and strong acetylation agent. It can also acetylate any adenosine of ATP, guanosine of GTP or aromatic ring. Note that acetic anhydride can acetylate the amine group on proteins when it is inhaled or contacted. The acetylated products can also be recognized by the antibodies to yield false result.
NewEast Biosciences spent two years to develop and screen the monoclonal antibodies, which recognize the naked cAMP or cGMP, not ATP and GTP. Our EIA kits eliminate the acetylation step with the toxic acetic anhydride. Thus, our EIA kits display much higher selectivity and shorten assay time.

Name Catalog Number Specifications Price Manual Download
Monoclonal cAMP EIA Kit 80203 96 well $350.00
Monoclonal cGMP EIA Kit 80103 96 well $350.00
Monoclonal cGMP EIA Kit 80104 5×96 well $1,595.00
Monoclonal cAMP EIA Kit 80204 5×96 well $1,595.00