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NewEast Biosciences offers three unique categories of antibodies, which (1) recognize only the active configuration of GTPase (not the inactive one), (2) mutated Oncogene (not mild type) and (3) have super affinity for cAMP and cGMP (no acetylation required).

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Address:1150 First Avenue, Suite 501A, King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Assay Kits

G Protein Activation Assay Kits

For G Protein Activation Assay

No Acetylation cAMP/cGMP EIA Kits

For Sensitive cAMP and cGMP Assay

Biomarker Kits

For Biomarker Assay

Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies for GTP-bound G Proteins

For GTP-bound G Proteins

Antibodies for G Proteins (Active and Inactive)

For GTP and GDP-bound G Proteins

Antibodies for cAMP/cGMP


Antibodies for Mutated Oncogene

For Mutated Oncogene


For Biomarker


G Proteins and Oncogene

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    Anti IDH2(R172G) Mouse Monoclo...

    IDH2(R172G) [26231][100ul]Catalog Number:26231Gene Symbol:IDH2; D2HGA2; ICD-M; I...

    Anti IDH2(R172W) Mouse Monoclo...

    IDH2(R172W) [26164][100 µL]Catalog Number:26164Gene Symbol:IDH2(R172W)Descriptio...

    Anti IDH2(R172K) Mouse Monoclo...

    IDH2(R172K) [26163][100 µL]Catalog Number:26163Gene Symbol:IDH2; D2HGA2; ICD-M; ...

    Anti IDH2(R172S) Mouse Monoclo...

    IDH2(R172S) [26408][100ul]Catalog Number:26408Gene Symbol:IDH2; D2HGA2; ICD-M; I...